Token: BEP20
Total Supply: 1,000,000
For every single transaction there will be a 3% tax on it, money which will get distributed as follows:
  • 1% will be sent to all token holder automatically (that means they can keep their abs in any wallet, even frozen in an offline wallet or ledger and see their ABS increase with every buy/sell.
  • 2% will be absorbed by the smart contract and almost all of it will be sent back to liquidity (lp) in pancake swap and locked forever increasing the floor price with every sell occurring in the network, the rest of the 2%, a tiny fraction of it which works under the "0x000...Dead" address gravity weight, will be burned forever without access to it anymore, ever-decreasing the supply.
So the consequences are that if you add or remove liquidity, claim rewards or compound, there will be a 3% extra gas fee associated with every transaction, buy and sell also that you will receiveless of what you supposed to receive.
The Benefits are the one mentioned above, offering a very strong ever-increasing fundamental price, with a out-of-world ever increasing total ABS in holders wallets, which definetly makes it want to stay in for the long term and always hold abs, while the supply will always burn, in a 24 year period we expect the total supply of 1,000,000 to become 750,000 ABS or less, we will vote that too in the future.
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