Why Absorber?
What makes the Absorber protocol different in that it’s a solution to most if not all of the problems of Defi. Here’s how:
1. Because the protocol does not use any staking contracts, there is no potential for it to be bugged or exploited.
2. The protocol does not allow anyone — even its owner — to send any of the smart contract’s tokens out because the function simply doesn’t exist.
3. The Absorber is meant to be fully and truly decentralized with the “keys” (ownership) being burned so that it is impossible to rug.
4. The protocol’s staking is like $CORE’s but without the need to stake anything anywhere to earn rewards.
5. The protocol automatically distributes rewards to you without your need to pay any gas fees to claim them.
6. With the Absorber, there’s no impermanent loss because you don’t need to stake two different tokens that can fluctuate in price relative to each other.
6. The Absorber is deflationary with an absorption mechanism that gives it an ever-increasing price floor while removing tokens from the circulating supply. This means the perpetually rising price floor will always support your tokens’ value.
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